Relationship / Marriage Counseling for ONE

For people wanting help for their relationship or marriage, but their partner is unwilling to go to couples counseling, or they found couples counseling unproductive, I offer relationship counseling for individuals.

The most common mistake people make is waiting for a change in another person in order to find the happiness they seek in a relationship. The truth is, expectations drive your significant other away, trying to control another person will only make you more miserable, and the only way to truly have a satisfying relationship is making changes in yourself. Doing so will either inspire the person you are with to step-up in order to be with you, or it will help you expand your options for contentment that your needs from the relationship change.

As a therapist, I help individuals become aware of how they contribute to their relationship dynamic. I help them identify their automatic ways of being and patterns of relating so they can make more informed decisions when it comes to their relationships, as well as explore new ways to get different results. I help individuals learn how to communicate more effectively, how to deepen connections, and how to identify their wants and needs and ways of meeting them.

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