Do you believe in the mind-body connection for curing chronic pain, but fear you’re the exception to the rule?

Maybe you’ve done all the right things- read the books, tried journaling, talked to yourself, or even tried therapy or an online recovery program. Perhaps you even have less pain or less severe pain because you did these things. But you know you’re supposed to be able to get rid of ALL the pain and go back to living a normal life again.

Maybe you started out very hopeful, excited even because you’ve heard the stories of others who had miraculous recoveries, and some who have even used this experience to become the best version of themselves. But now you feel stuck, and hope is dwindling, because you still feel trapped in the body of someone much older, and you have no idea what will finally make you better– if anything.

Maybe you’re afraid that to get better you’d have to make a big life change you’re not prepared to make, like getting divorced, quitting a job, or changing your personality.

But here’s the truth…


YOU are not the problem


You don’t need to change anything.

Your real problem is… AN INCOMPLETE RECOVERY
You still CAN be pain-free and even turn this into the best thing to ever happen to you.

Most books, therapies and recovery programs out there mistakenly make recovery all about identifying repressed emotions.

This IS a significant part of recovery, but it’s only a part! Feelings can trigger pain, but it’s certain thoughts, beliefs, self-concepts and character traits that cause pain to stick around (even after you’re emotionally aware) or cause the pain to come back!

Also, most recovery materials focus on WHY you’re in pain but don’t give clear, practical tools for how to get out of it when it’s happening in the moment.

And most people are not able to recover fully on their own because a person will inevitably run into blind spots when they are looking at themselves. It’s what got you into the problem in the first place! Nothing can replace having a trained, experienced, caring professional guide you on your personal journey.


I know firsthand the ability of the mind-body connection to transform your life physically, emotionally and spiritually. I’m a former patient of Dr. John Sarno, as well as licensed psychotherapist with over 10 years’ experience helping people recover from chronic pain through the mind-body connection.

I personally have used the mind-body-soul connection to:

  • Completely eliminate back pain and IBS symptoms without surgery, meds, or physical therapy
  • Go from stage 4 cancer to cancer-free in just two months of treatment- without ever really feeling sick
  • Had two easy, healthy pregnancies against the odds
  • Feel great in my own skin and like I can conquer the world!

What if YOU could experience a miracle?


What if you could become pain free just by changing your thinking?


What if in healing your body, you healed something deeper inside you didn’t even realize was hurting?


What if your pain became the reason you stepped into your power and became the best version of yourself??

 I’ve used my clinical experience and extensive training towards a short-term, results-focused therapy, aimed at total symptom relief and transformation (details below). Recovery is personalized to your needs in one-on-one, weekly online sessions. Clients get the benefits of at least a year’s worth of traditional therapy- in just a few months!

Don’t spend another day stuck on the sidelines of life, watching life go on for everyone else around you. Free your mind and energy to be on the things you want, not preoccupied with symptoms. Message me to find out if you are a good candidate for my therapeutic coaching program. Now offering candidates a free session before deciding to commit! You cannot go wrong- even people whose conditions are not 100% mind-body will benefit tremendously from this program!

Heal from the Inside $ Out

4 stages of Recovery:

Stage 1: The Heart (what causes pain)
-Learn to pinpoint your exact emotional trigger to pain
-Create your pain profile- identify the life themes at the root of your condition

Stage 2: The Mind (what keeps pain around)
-Identify the exact thoughts that keep your pain around, even when you’ve done the psychological work
-Clear up the misconceptions that keep your recovery stuck; get the information you need to stay well

Stage 3: The Soul (how to keep pain away)
-How to identify when you are being true to yourself, when you are not, & its relationship to your symptoms
-Pain as communication: tune in to what your soul (psyche, gut, core) is trying to tell you
-Develop your personal narrative and learn its impact on your symptoms and how to use it to get better

Stage 4: The Prescription
-Identify your ‘quicksand’- personal obstacle to recovery
-Learn exactly how to respond when you experience a symptom to return to wellness
-Have an easy, concrete plan for maintaining mind-body-soul health

For Men and Women

Limited Availability

How Much Do You Charge?

I charge by the package, not by the hour. Once we decide you are a good candidate for the program, you will get a free session where we will assess your needs and I can give you the package options. This program is not the bargain option. It’s for people who are serious about recovery and ready to invest in transformation. Most clients find feeling better physically and emotionally and returning to a normal life- priceless! But for anyone not ready or able to make the investment, I can provide a listing of free to low-cost resources for treating chronic pain through the mind-body connection, as well as names of other therapists and coaches that work in this field.

Will it help with (fill in the blank) medical condition?

I can help you answer these questions but it is important to me not to overstep my area of expertise. I focus on the psychological part of treatment and collaborate with medical professionals as needed to answer the medical questions. It is also helpful to search your condition on to read the experience of others with that diagnosis.

Are there any prerequisites to doing this program with you?

Before beginning a treatment program with me, clients should have:

  1. Familiarity with the mind-body connection through their readings, or watching a documentary, etc
  2. Seen a medical doctor and ruled out any life-threatening illnesses
  3. Have an openness to looking within and doing inner work

Will I have to dwell on the past or get really emotional in my sessions with you, in order to get better?

Even though we discuss the past in our work together, we won’t dwell on it. I keep the focus mostly present-centered. When we do discuss the past, the focus is on release not blame. In terms of the emotional content, I do it in stages, gaging what my client is ready for and when. I work collaboratively with clients, so you will always have a say in what you do or don’t want.

Listen to two podcast Interviews I did on the mind-body connection, packed with information many told me has been very helpful to them: (you may want to fast forward the beginning to get to the content)

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