Career Challenges

It’s very painful to be a very capable person, know your talents and abilities, but not see them actualized at work. Success at work is often tied into self-esteem, and a lack of forward movement in your career frequently causes other areas of your life to suffer as well.

People in this position often blame themselves and lose hope after repeated failed efforts to change. What they don’t realize is that experiencing a lack of success at work is a common manifestation of unconscious conflict. Dreading work, constantly unhappy at work, being reprimanded, feeling stuck, and feeling unsure of where you belong professionally, are usually signs of a deeper problem.

Therapy helps people uncover unconscious beliefs and thoughts that get in the way of success, and to develop healthier alternatives. It helps give people clarity of what needs their attention and increases options for solving it. Therapy builds inner peace, direction and empowerment so that a person naturally sees a progression towards goals, and experiences more satisfaction and optimism at work and elsewhere.

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